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Jasmine is a genus of shrubs and vines in the olive family . The jasmine plant is a creeper, belonging to the oleaceae family. Jasmine has small, dark, shiny leaves with yellow or white flowers. It requires lots of sunshine and warm weather. Several countries and states consider jasmine as a national symbol. It is known as the bird of all flowers.

Also known as “Mistress of the Night”, jasmine has an intoxicating, sweet, and exotic scent. In India, jasmine is considered the essence of mystery and magic. Indian women have used jasmine for centuries to scent their hair. They call it “moonlight of the grove”. The scent of jasmine flowers is known to have a profound spiritual effect on some people.

It is an anti-depressant and aphrodisiac. Cleopatra used jasmine to attract Mark Anthony. An old saying goes, “Rose is the queen of flowers. Jasmine is the king.”

Jasmine is associated with water and the moon. The oil is rubbed on the temples to promote feelings of well-being, optimism, and happiness. The scent of jasmine can gently lift the darkest of moods. Its heady fragrance stirs the senses. In this classic fragrance, jasmine is softened by musk, and light floral, creating a flirty, yet subtle aroma.