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Lovers know it the best. Since ancient times, Rose has been called the "queen of flowers".

A rose is a woody perennial of the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae. There are over 100 species.

A Roman legend says that Diana the goddess of hunting and Moon, had a priestess named Rozalia, who decided to leave her and marry the young lad Semedor. Enraged by this unfaithfulness of her priestess she pierced her with an arrow. From the blood sprang a beautiful bush with fragrant white blossoms. They were called Roses, named after Rozalia. Later on the roses had been colored in red by the blood of the Venera, the goddess of love. She had been chased by the enraged Mars and pricked herself on the thorns of the rose bushes. Probably that’s why the color red denotes love and passion. Its perfume on the skin might be a memorial of love and passion.